Nichibi.Inc, A Japan OEM manufacturing factory for Gel Nails, Water-based Manicure and Nail Product


We offer gel nail polish and color gel production in a hygienic environment and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.


Manufacture of gel nail materials from the raw materials themselves using advanced technologies ranging from molecular design to synthesis in a reactor.


We offer OEM contract manufacturing of gel nails in a hygienic environment required for cosmetics manufacturing.

Strict production system based on vertically integrated production system

Integrated manufacturing of all processes from molecular design, resin synthesis, composition, kneading and filling within our group

Gel Nail Polish using only cosmetic ingredients registered under the international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients (INCI). We accept OEM Production.

We don't use Industrial urethane acrylates or industrial raw materials,but only "INCI" registered cosmetic urethane acrylates and cosmetic raw materials. Safe formulas using "INCI" raw materials for all ingredients that can be exported out to the USA and EU countries with has strict regulations. We offer OEM production and development of high quality gel nails with high technical skills and unique ideas.


Solid-type gel nails stays in solid form, but the gel levelling is achieved,and we managed reproducing the same application comfort as conventional colour gels. It can be filled in one-touch opening containers that have huge image impact. Nichibi.Inc is the first company in Japan to successfully solidify gel nail polish, by using all INCI cosmetic ingredients.

Gel Nail OEM Manufacture

We can brand professional 'Gel Nail Polish' and other distinctive products such as consumer 'gel polish' and 'Pen-Type Gel Nail Polish' in small quantities and on a small budget. We can produce surprising, attractive, easy-to-use and convenient products at low prices, tailored to your desired brand image.

Unique fine particle dispersion technology that make
Color Gels difficult to separate.